How to Use Paysafecard Mobile Deposits — Everything You Need to Know

Paysafecard LogoEvery casino offers a different range of payment methods, but most of them will offer you the choice to deposit via Paysafecard. Paysafecard is a way of funding your casino account through a voucher code. We’ll chat more about how Paysafecard works exactly later on, but the main thing you need to know is that it’s an incredibly popular and easy way to bank.

Paysafecard launched all the way back in 2000, which means the company has almost two decades worth of experience. That being said, if you’ve never used the service before, it may seem slightly confusing. This is because Paysafecard is not an e-wallet service, nor does it link to a bank account like PayPal.

Instead, depositors use a prepaid card, that they can top-up with cash. This means that Paysafecard has tonnes of advantages over more traditional methods, which we will explain about in this guide. So, if you want to start funding your casino accounts in this way, read on now to find out everything you need to know!

What Is Paysafecard?

Paysafecard is a prepaid card service, that allows players to fund their casino accounts as safely as paying with cash. As mentioned earlier, Paysafecard first launched in 2000 and is now an international brand, meaning you can use it across the world. Furthermore, it’s one of the market leaders when it comes to prepaid payment solutions.

Ukash and Paysafecard CardsWhen you read about Paysafecard you’ll hear the term ‘prepaid’ a lot. In fact, we’ve used it four times already! Prepaid means that to make a payment, you must first put load money onto the service, much like topping up a pay as you go SIM card. It’s pretty self-explanatory when you think about it. Paysafecard users can top up their accounts with cash or by purchasing vouchers codes. After this, the money will be in your Paysafecard account and you can deposit at the casino with ease.

If you’re having a weird feeling of deja vu right now, we’re going to take a punt and bet that you once used Ukash. Ukash was once a very popular way of funding casino accounts, however it ceased to exist in 2015, when it merged with Paysafecard.

If you have used Ukash before, you will probably have a good idea as to how Paysafecard works. However, in the last two years the service has been improved massively, making for a much smoother and quicker experience.

Is It An E-Wallet?

Ah, the eternal debate. Most users would say that Paysafecard does not fit into the e-wallet category, like Neteller or Skrill, however when you consider how it works we can see why you may think so.r

E-wallets work by allowing players to transfer money from their bank accounts, to their online wallets, and then to spend the money directly from the e-wallet. E-wallets came about due to concerns about internet security, and still remain a great way of purchasing things online.

Paysafecard works in a very similar way; players can store money in their Paysafecard accounts and spend it online later. However, the main difference is that Paysafecard isn’t linked to your bank account, or your credit/debit card. Users must purchase vouchers in real life, and this is why it’s not generally regarded as an e-wallet solution.

Purchasing A Paysafecard Voucher

Paysafecard VoucherTo use Paysafecard to deposit at online casinos, you must first top up your Paysafecard account. As mentioned above, this needs to be done in real life, yet it can be done at over 500,000 retail outlets across the world.  For UK users, it’s good to know that both Asda and WH Smith allow you to top up your Paysafecard in store, as well as any shop which displays a PayPoint logo.

Once you’ve purchased a Paysafecard voucher, you can either chose to spend this directly at the casino or to add the voucher to your Paysafecard Once you’ve purchased a Paysafecard PIN voucher, you can either use this directly at a casino, or add the voucher to your Paysafecard account.

Adding the voucher to your account allows you to combine the balance of several vouchers. Vouchers can be purchased in any of the following amounts: £10, £25, £50, £75, £100, £125, £150 or £175.

Depositing With Paysafecard

Paysafecard Payment ProcessOnce you have purchased a Paysafecard, you’re just a few minutes away from having funded your casino account. The depositing process can be completed by following these four steps:

  1. Log in to your casino account, and select Paysafecard as your depositing method.
  2. Input the amount you wish to deposit.
  3. A new browser window will appear, ran by Paysafecard. From here you can do one of two things; input your voucher code directly, or, login to your Paysafecard account to manage your current balance.
  4. Click Confirm! Your purchase will have been completed, and your funds should be in your casino account immediately.

The Advantages Of Using Paysafecard

Now you know what Paysafecard is all about, and how to use it, the next natural step is to consider why you would want to use it over other depositing methods.

Bank With No Entry SignThe biggest benefit of using Paysafecard is that you don’t need to have a bank account, credit card or debit card, as you can purchase vouchers with cash. This is important for many players, as it means they don’t need to share their information with the casino. Furthermore, it means that if you’re part of the UK’s ‘unbanked’ population, you can still play all your favourite casino games.

The fact that Paysafecard isn’t connected to a bank account also makes it one of the most secure depositing methods available. Nothing ties the deposit to you, which means you completely evade the risk of identity fraud or theft. Moreover, as the voucher card is useless once used, even if your payment is intercepted, the information is completely redundant once the payment has been made.

PadlockFinally, Paysafecard is quick and easy. It may sound like it would take longer than most methods, as it means venturing out into the real world, but you can always purchase vouchers whilst your out food shopping or visiting the post office. This means that by the time you sit down for a good gaming session, the process takes a mere matter of seconds.

The Disadvantages Of Using Paysafecard

All depositing methods have their own drawbacks, and Paysafecard is no different. We wouldn’t want to advise you on a payment method without showing you both sides of the coin, and so, now we move on to talking about the problems of depositing with Paysafecard.

One of the biggest disadvantages of Paysafecard is that you can’t withdraw using the service. Of course, this makes complete sense as it isn’t linked to a bank account, but it can be inconvenient. Luckily, most casinos will offer players the choice to withdraw via a different method.

Cash in handsThe second disadvantage of Paysafecard is that you can only have a certain amount worth of vouchers in your account at one time — £2,000 to be exact. This means that if you’ve purchased more vouchers, you’ll have to spend some of your balance before you can add them to your account. For casual players this shouldn’t really ever be an issue, but high-rollers may want to bare this in mind.

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