The Top 3 Mobile Deposit Myths That Are Based In Some Truth

Mobile PaymentAlright, so you’ve heard about mobile deposits plenty of times from us, the good and the bad. In particular, we have spoken about famous mobile deposit myths and how they impact players’ perceptions on how they operate. Most of them are outright lies, but there are a few that could be based in some sort of truth. By this, we mean that although the myth is largely false, it is for the most part a truth that has been misinterpreted or distorted in some way.

That’s why we’re here today to put things straight. Mobile deposits are a good idea and, although they have flaws, it’s time to put to rest the misconceptions once and for all. Here are the top three mobile deposit myths you’ve heard about that are based in some truth.

1. The Need For A Credit/Debit Card

Credit cardsThe whole point behind mobile deposits, people claim, is so that players do not need to use a credit or debit card to access their funds. Their phone credit could over the cost if they have enough money to do so. Generally and in theory, people are incorrect when they say mobile deposits do require a credit/debit card.

However, in one respect they are correct. When referring to those who make mobile deposits by adding the cost to their phone bill, then yes, they will theoretically need a credit or debit card (which is a by-product of owning a bank account) in order to complete any mobile deposits.

You cannot have a phone contract without either of them, because that would mean that you don’t have a bank account and the phone company needs your bank account to bill you. In this regard, it is a myth that’s technically true. On the other hand, the whole process of mobile depositing itself doesn’t need a credit card in the equation to complete any transaction.

2. Not All Casinos Have It

Even in the 21st century, it’s sadly true that some mobile casinos are a little behind the times. This means that not every mobile casino on the internet is going to have a mobile deposit service like Boku or Trustly. In fact, because mobile deposits are still in their baby stage in terms of popularity, it’s unlikely we’re going to see complete universality for another couple of years. This contradicts the fact that mobile deposits are considered to be completely accessible.

Sure, mobile deposits are accessible in that it doesn’t take much to use them, but the fact they can’t be accessed absolutely everywhere yet undermines that advantage. How are you supposed to make a mobile deposit if it isn’t facilitated? This is why the myth that not everyone can use mobile deposits is also kind of true, just not in the way you’d expect. Okay, someone with no fingertips might find it difficult too, but that’s besides the point.

3. Sometimes, It Can Be Confusing

confusionFinally, making a mobile deposit can be a trickier process than it needs to be, particularly for players who aren’t clued up on how it all works. This is easily remedied through guides and articles that explain away how mobile deposits work.

However, being completely new to it can still be disorientating, especially if you don’t know about all the companies that provide the service. The biggest one is Boku but all the others like Trustly and Zimpler present their own unique approach to making a mobile deposit that it’s easy to become bamboozled by it all. So, claiming that to make a mobile deposit is really simple, it is in some regards not entirely true either.

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