“The Tide Is Turning,” Says Paddy Power Over The Election

BBC Election 2017With only two days until everyone heads to the polls, online gamblers everywhere are putting all their bets on who they believe will be the UK’s next Prime Minister. This short-notice general election has seen many ups and downs, especially from Theresa May and the Conservatives. However, despite their hiccups, odds are still largely in their favour as most likely to win. But, according to Paddy power (and the polls) the tide appears to be turning in favour of Corbyn being the next PM. Is it too late to change your mind on that bet? Read on to find out.

A Messy Campaign

general election announcementIt’s not news to anyone that this general election was called at extremely short notice. Theresa May, despite going on record to say there won’t be an election until 2020, has said that the people deserve to choose the leader they feel best to lead them in a post-Brexit UK. Whether she believes that or not is up to conjecture. Many have speculated that it is pure strategy and that she is relying on the political fatigue of today’s youth to get more seats in parliament.

But ever since the announcement, things have gone awry for the Tories. Not only are young people now more than ever determined to vote in a Labour government, but Jeremy Corbyn has upped his game with a strong campaign that promotes the needs of the many over the few. The Conservatives, on the other hand, have been criticised for their lack of clarity and their questionable policies, such as the infamous “Dementia Tax” which they quickly changed their minds about.

And yet, despite all this, the Conservative party are still the favourite to win among betters. The odds of them winning are still high (most websites put them at 1/10), but Labour are quickly catching up in both poll ratings and betting odds. According to Paddy Power, who are a major high street bookmakers, they have slashed Corbyn’s odds to 7/2, admitting that “the tide is turning towards a red sea”.

A Labour Victory?

labour winRecent poll ratings carried out by YouGov points to a strong likelihood of a hung parliament. However, both major parties have expressed no interest in going into a coalition with any minor parties. It’s just as well as Lib Dems are stagnating with their progress and UKIP appears to have run into the ground. The Greens, on the other hand, have seen a strong surge in seats, especially over the course of local elections which took place last month.

Despite all these variables and despite all the odds, could Labour potentially win the election? Paddy Power seems to believe so. But how likely is it? Well, if you ignore the numbers, then it’s completely possible. Betters need look no further than the EU referendum and the US general election to see how unpredictable politics can be.

Everyone was betting on a Hilary Clinton win but got a nasty shock when the unlikely candidate of Donald Trump won the presidency. And in the referendum last year, odds were strong on us remaining in the European Union. Look how that turned out.

It goes to show that poll ratings and predictions do not always reflect reality, especially in the current political climate. On the other hand, the French presidential election played very closely to predictions and bets across the board. Macron, who was the favourite to win, ended up doing just that with an almost 70% majority. On the other hand, French poll ratings tend to be more accurate…

About Paddy Power

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