Redroo Mobile Slot Reviewed — Welcome To The Australian Outback!

Redroo Feature ImagePitched as the ultimate mobile slot from the outback of Australia, the Redroo mobile slot by Lightning Box Games seems as potent as all the wild life that we know of from this region. Redroo himself who is the star in this slot packs a massive punch – rewarding his players of up to – wait for it – 33,210 times their spin wager. Wait what?!

Even if you had wagered a mere £2, you would be walking home with a whooping £66,240 in your pocket. That is literally more than most jackpots in slot games. Don’t get too excited just yet, as the Redroo slot sports similar characteristics to life in the outback — high risk, high reward. Come out of it alive though and you will be rewarded heftily.


All of Australia and its craziness is brought to us in five reels. The Redroo mobile slot features 1,024 ways to win instead of paylines and you may start spinning from a mere 40p per spin. For all the high rollers out there, the game accepts up to £400 per spin, making this slot suitable for all types of players regardless of budget.

Redroo Small Win

The Redroo slot takes us all to the heart of the Australian outback where you will find everything from Kangaroos, cockatoos, a dog and an Australian couple. The highest paying symbol in Redroo is the kangaroo symbol (duhh…), and when you get them with multipliers in place, the average payouts are usually north of 10x your spin wager.

Redroo Super Big Win

The Redroo mobile slot embodies the Australia Outback in every way that we can think of including in its payouts. This game is of medium to high volatility and as such, it is deemed to sport higher risks than many of its peers. Payouts are infrequent, but when they do come eventually, it rains money. One thing for sure: players need to have loads of patience to play this game.

Bonus Features

In our opinion, the bonus features department is where the Redroo mobile slot excels in most. There are two simple features in this game, but oh boy, they are absolutely crazy when it comes to payout numbers.

Redroo Bonus Symbols

First up are the simple Wild symbols. In Redroo, they come in the form of the Wild Rock and they will replace every other symbol on your reels to make up a winning payline. They only conditions that the Wilds adhere to is that they will not replace the Australia symbols and will only appear on the second, third and fourth reel.

Redroo Bonus Feature Win

Next up are the Redroo free spins, which coincidentally is the most profitable feature we have seen in our lives. To trigger the free spins, you will need to get at least three Australia symbols (scatters) anywhere on your reels. Three, four and five scatters will grant you 8, 15 and 20 free spins.

The rewards don’t stop there, during your free spin rounds, you can trigger an additional 5 free spins by getting two scatters anywhere on your reels. Theoretically speaking, you can trigger additional free spins as many times as you can without being restricted.

Redroo Free Spins Win Multiplier

This is where things get really interesting. Wilds that you get during the free spins are not just ordinary Wilds. Yes, they do complete paylines like they are supposed to, but on top of that they come with a 2x or 3x win multiplier attached to them. Get many Wilds simultaneously and you may be looking at a total multiplier of 27x!


Redroo is a well-designed slot, filled with graphics that go hand in hand with theme Australian outback theme. All of the symbols in this game have been made with lots of attention to detail and even your wins are celebrated in the most Australian manner. We loved that the Redroo mobile slot is responsive and loads quickly on all our test devices, including mobile phones.

Redroo Free Spins Win Gameplay

Speaking of mobile devices, the Redroo slot has been optimized perfectly for smaller screens, meaning that you will be able to see and read everything clearly without much hassle. The buttons are also nicely spaced out from each other so you will never be hitting the wrong ones accidentally.

Best thing about Redroo?

There is no way that anybody can ignore the sheer numbers that the free spins and wilds are putting out in the bonus features. Unlimited free spins and a 27x win multiplier on all your wins?! We can think of any other slot that offers anything close to what Redroo does.

Don’t even get us started on the point that this slot may potentially pay up to 33,210 times your wager in a single spin. Of course, with great rewards, comes great risks. As mentioned previously, this is a high volatility slot, so you will have to tread carefully if you ever want to come out of the other side alive.

Redroo Free Spins Normal Win

To sum it up…

High risks, high rewards is the name of the game in the Redroo mobile slot. This slot may break any profitability meter by putting up tons of cash up for grabs, but at the same time, players have to be extremely careful playing this game.

Lose concentration for a little while and all of a sudden you might very well be staring at an empty bank balance. We wish you the very best in this Australian outback adventure!

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