3 Red Flags To Watch Out For At A Pay By Phone Casino

mobile casinoWhen you’re searching for your perfect casino, many people are swayed by the depositing methods that the site accepts. This makes tons of sense as it’s highly inconvenient to have to set up an account with a new e-wallet service, or to find out at a later date that you can’t fund your account in your usual way.

We all have our favourite ways to deposit at the casino and whilst ours, like yours probably, is via mobile phone billing, we understand that it can sometimes feel like you’re missing out. This is because, although more and more casinos are adopting Boku and other SMS billing payment services, it’s still a minority of sites that offer the service.

This means that all those things that players who deposit with a more traditional method look out for, like great bonuses and games, have to come second priority to us – as we’re just thankful to find somewhere we can pay by phone! However, not all casinos are created equally, even those which do offer mobile billing!

Some casinos take advantage of their players, and aren’t to be trusted! Today we’re looking at some of the things which immediately set off alarm ringing in our heads. Knowing these warning signs is important for all players, so you can be sure you’ve avoided choosing a pay by phone casino site that may not treat you fairly.

Transaction Fees

No Hidden FeesTransaction fees are immediate red flags at any casino. There’s absolutely no reason why you should be paying to deposit at a casino, after all you’re giving them money! Moreover, as mobile billing is simply a charge on your monthly phone bill, there should never be any fees to use the service.

We all know that online gambling is a highly profitable business and so, if a casino is trying to squeeze more money out of you, it’s almost certain that they’re not going to be generous with their rewards in the future and are possibly not trustworthy either.

Make sure you always read the terms and conditions before you sign up to any site and, if a site is imposing transaction charges, question if it really is somewhere you want to be playing at. Any good casino will never impose transaction fees, regardless of your depositing method, which means that every penny of your deposit can be spent spinning your favorite slots!

Unreasonable Minimum Deposits

Spending Limit SignOne of the biggest advantages to using a phone billing service is the fact they do allow you to deposit small amounts, which makes the service perfect for casual gamblers. However, nearly all casinos will impose a minimum depositing limit of some kind.

Usually, these should be set at around £5 to £10. Minimum deposits are enforced so that the casino doesn’t have to process a massive amount of smaller transactions constantly, which is understandable.

However, some casinos will impose unreasonable minimum deposit limits, so that you’re forced into depositing more than you might have liked to. In our eyes, this is highly irresponsible as players may then be tempted to spend more than they intended to, simply because the cash is already in their casino account.

All good pay by phone casinos should only expect you to deposit what you feel comfortable with, and therefore they should have a low minimum depositing limit.

Slow Withdrawals

never ending clockDue to third party restrictions, players who deposit via phone billing cannot withdraw in the same way. Although this can sound inconvenient, when you think about it it makes a lot of sense, as the cash would have to be funded to your phone account. So unless you want to spend all your winnings on texting and calling people, it’s an entirely useless way to cash out.

This being said, any casino that offers pay by phone bill deposits should also offer an efficient alternative withdrawing system. A good casino will offer mobile depositing players the same methods as available to all of their other players, yet it’s common for them to ask for some sort of ID first.

However, there are some casinos out there that will drag their heels about it, and make players jump through hoops to simply get their hands on what’s rightfully theirs. Any casino that isn’t forthcoming when it comes to withdrawals should be seen as untrustworthy or, at the very least, annoying!

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