Playtech Launches American Dad Themed Slot

American Dad Slot Logo Despite coming from a similar production team as the wildly successful Family Guy, American Dad has always played second fiddle to its older brother. This is a shame, because American Dad is a great show in its own right, and definitely deserving of more positive attention.

Great news for fans, then, that Playtech has this week launched an online and mobile slot based around the popular cartoon, which celebrates the show, its characters, and some its most iconic moments. The slot devised to team up with the show features 5 reels and 40 paylines; pretty standard by Playtech standards.

The paylines are adjustable, though, to meet varying playing styles and bankrolls. Though the background is decorated in keeping with the cartoon’s aesthetics, the real reminder of the theme comes from the fact that 5 of the main characters – Hayley, Klaus, Stan, Francine and Roger – are featured on the reels.

The characters from the show that appear in the game aren’t just there to adorn the reels (though they do a fine job of this), but also each have a bonus feature associated with them. Yes, you’ve counted right, that’s at least five special bonus featured, each triggered when three or more of the associated character tiles appear on the reels.

American Dad Slot Reels The way in which these bonus features have been assigned to the characters seems somewhat random, given that they haven’t tried to tie them into any of the traits of the characters in any way, but they’re still welcome perks while you’re playing.

For instance, when you see Stan, you know you’re in store for a butt load of stacked wilds; if Hayley appears, you can expect progressive multipliers; while Roger – the weird alien that everyone loves to hate – brings with him random wilds.

The bonus features don’t end with those triggered by the characters; you’ll also discover things like turbo mode, other free spins and more wilds. There’s never been an easier way to enjoy American Dad with a chance of winning!

Check out the video below to see some live action from the game:

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