Do Phone Deposits Make You Less Of A Problem Gambler?

mobile casinoMaking phone deposits is quick, easy and can be used by a great many players, who have access to a mobile telephone. That isn’t to say it doesn’t come with its drawbacks, however, seeing as nothing is ever perfect. On the other hand, one of these perceived “drawbacks” could actually be considered as a strength, which makes us ask the question: can phone deposits help make you become less of a problem gambler?

By this, we’re not referring to a problem gambler, who happens to use phone deposits, but those who have yet to fall into addiction who use phone deposits as their primary form of depositing. We have no actual statistics on this matter, seeing as no one has conducted studies into the issue, so most of what we say is largely speculation and our educated guess. After all, we’ve got dozens of years of combined experience in iGambling in between our team members.


£30 Daily Deposit Limit

boku-deposit-limitThe logic behind this speculation is quite obvious. Phone deposits are famous for their £30 daily deposit limit, which could impair any player’s ability to become addicted. How are they supposed to spend more than £30 a day when that strict, non-negotiable limit is put into place? This limit exists for all mobile players, no matter which mobile network they’re on. So, if you’re with Vodafone, O2, Three, EE or even Tesco Mobile, phone deposits are always an option. The odds become even less likely when the player only has phone deposits as their form of payment.

However, if you are a problem gambler, it doesn’t matter to you how you pay your money in as long as you get your fix, so this argument crumbles when you take this into account. Fact of the matter is, you’ll find ways to gamble whether you’ve reached a deposit limit or not. We’re not saying phone deposits cause addiction, but they certainly don’t seem likely to prevent them either.



Trustly Deposit on MobileThe argument further loses credibility when you consider the fact that phone deposits were never made for mobile gambling in the first place. The original purpose of them was to help consumers pay for subscription fees, something entirely unrelated to gambling. It had as much to do with it as PayPal originally did. So, how can something prevent problem gambling if it wasn’t designed for it?

However, that isn’t to say that just because something wasn’t built for a specific purpose, it cannot be useful in that purpose. We’re certain that whoever invented Guinness never meant to burn the hops, but if that didn’t happen we wouldn’t have Ireland’s most famous broth. It didn’t prevent alcoholism, though. So why should phone deposits do the same with problem gambling?


Addiction Happens

problem gamblingTo conclude, problem gambling happens just because it happens — some people are simply predisposed to it. It’s been a problem that has plagued mankind for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Addiction is a terrible thing that can make desperate people turn their already bad situations into something worse. Whether phone deposits exists or not, it won’t go away until we find the cure to all addiction entirely.

If you believe you may be struggling with a gambling addiction, there are several websites you can access that will be able to give you the help you need. There’s no need suffer in silence.

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