NetEnt Casino Mr Ringo License Revoked And Operator Blacklisted

mr ringo mrringo blacklisted banned bad untrustworthyNot many mobile casinos in 2017 are considered untrustworthy. After all, tighter regulations and security make it nearly impossible for a truly terrible casino to operate without reprimand. But sometimes, bad apples do fall from the tree and that is sadly the case for notorious

NetEnt casino Mr Ringo have had their gambling license revoked for good. This means they will no longer be able to operate and will soon have to shut down. This is the final straw in a series of incidents that have been reported by players for months now and it seems like some serious action has been taken. But how did it get like this and is this the start of a epidemic of bad casinos?

The Downfall Of Mr Ringo Casino

criminal wearing eye piece and stripedBefore the Maltese Gambling Authority decided to take action against this now infamous operator, reports of Mr Ringo’s misdeeds had been circulating for months. These reports detailed incidents that plague every mobile player’s worst nightmares.

Of course, you always hear bad things about every mobile casino, but the stuff Mr Ringo was doing seemed too numerous and far too dodgy for them to be made up or exaggerated. Some of their worst crimes include:

  • Withholding winnings for many of their players as well as closing their accounts without notice
  • Using a whole range of sly tricks purposely designed to stall withdrawals for as long as possible
  • Not responding to player queries and shutting down their customer support system

Much of the criticism coming from players at Mr Ringo casino was pretty damning. One player claimed that they didn’t respond to any query whatsoever, giving them no answers when it came to a whole range of topics. Players wouldn’t even get their winnings until their accounts were deleted without any kind of explanation.

All this buzz attracted the attention of the Maltese Gambling Authority, which have since stepped in and shut them down. This means they can no longer operate anywhere. And good riddance to bad rubbish!

What Happens If I’m A Mr Ringo Player?

Casino LicensesIf you happen to be a registered player at Mr Ringo and you still have a payment that needs to come through, rest assured the MGA are doing everything they can to sort things out.

It might be a long process so it may be a while before you get the winnings you deserve, but they certainly know what they’re doing and will do everything in their power to help. In the mean time, there are a few things you can do to help them along in their investigations:

  1. Email to to let them know about your winnings.
  2. Make sure to include all the information detailed on their website.
  3. If you can, include a screenshot of your Mr Ringo balance or pending cash out. If you’re unable to do this, submit an estimation, however they will understand that this may be impossible for some players who have had their accounts shut down.

I’m Not A Mr Ringo Player. Should I Be Worried?

kermit worryUnless the mobile casino you’re a member of has shown signs of neglectful customer support, reluctance in dishing out any winnings or made some rather dodgy terms and conditions, then you shouldn’t be too worried.

True, some mobile casinos go bad but it’s extremely rare for it to happen nowadays. Regulations and security measures are too tight. They would have to do something pretty bad for any gambling authority to step in and revoke their gambling license.

Even if your casino has raised a few red flags, you need to make as much noise about it as you can. Notify your local gambling authority (in the UK, that’s the UKGC) and try and gather as much evidence of their misdeeds as possible. Screenshots a-plenty. And if they have to step in, at least you know you did all you could to prevent any further misdeeds.

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