Have You Made Any of These Phone Bill Depositing Mistakes?

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If you’ve read anything on this blog before, you’ll already know that we’re huge proponents of using pay by phone deposits, in a large part because of how simple, quick and easy they are. However, there are some ways in which depositing via phone bill can be somewhat problematic, and in the vast majority of cases, this is because of the human error which lies behind the mistakes which are taking place.

We thought, then, we’d take this opportunity to fill you in on some of the mistakes that gamblers are most likely to make when they’re depositing with their phone bills, and encourage you to ask yourself: have I made one of these mistakes before?

Failing to Check Your Details

The number one problem that we’ve heard of when it comes to players failing to get pay by phone deposits correct is that of getting their details incorrect. It should be simply, really; all you need to do is enter your phone number and click confirm – maybe very occasionally needing to enter your name or other information. And yet, you’d be amazed how many times this simple step goes wrong. Our advice? Double check, triple check and quadruple check – otherwise you’ll drive yourself mad trying to work out what’s wrong.

Failing to Reply to the Confirmation SMS

mobile no signal phoneWe all know that different phone bill payment methods work in different ways, and many of them require you to reply to a confirmation SMS asking you to confirm that you want to authorise the payment that’s being corrected. Again, this might seem simple, but an astonishing number of players still manage to cock up this element by ignoring the message, failing to reply, or failing to realise their reply hasn’t sent. Make sure you know what means by which you’re required to confirm, and ensure you do.

Getting the Confirmation Code Incorrect

The alternative method by which phone bill deposits are confirmed is by entering a confirmation code at your chosen casino. This code is sent to you via SMS, and you’re required to then take it, enter it at your chosen casino, and you’ll get your deposit into your player account. Simple, eh? Well no, many players still manage to get the code wrong repeatedly! Our advice? Simply copy and paste the code straight out of your SMS and into your player account – this way there’s no way you’ll accidentally the code wrong.

Going Over Your Limits

boku-deposit-limitWe don’t know how many times we can say it without going blue in the face: be aware of your limits, and be mindful not to exceed them! There’s far too many players in the world who will still happily spend away with their phone bill deposits and fail to keep tabs on how much exactly they’re spending, then when it comes down to it at the end of the day, they are caught in a situation where they really want to deposit and discover they don’t have the ability to. Don’t mug yourself off – just make sure you know where your limit is.

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