Jurassic World Mobile Slot Reviewed — A Thriller Slot

Jurassic World Feature ImageJust by hearing the name Jurrasic World screams excitement and the best part is that this game actually does the franchise justice.  One of the best slot games I have ever reviewed, I can safely say you would miss out big time if you skip out on this one. Ranking as the world’s fourth highest grossing film of all time, Jurassic World is the epitome of what prehistoric life could be in the face of civilization. Located off the coast of Costa Rica, a luxury resort throws up an array of genetically engineered dinosaurs — what could be more out there?

Indominus rex makes a remarkable appearance in the game giving you 200x your spin wager, alongside other main characters of the movie. Yes, you heard it. Chris Pratt, aunt Claire, Vic Hoskins and Irrfan Khan will be there too. But will you see T-rex here? You have to play to find out!


Jurassic World brings you a layout of 5×3 reels with a juicy number of 243 paylines. It is safe to say this game has an average slot variance, judging from its payout frequencies and sizes. More often than not, your wins will be in the range of 1x to 10x your spin wager. I’ll let you in on a secret — most of the bonus features carry ginormous prizes and there is a harmony between the two for a good game.

Jurassic World Small Win

For you to participate and feast your eyes in the face of death, it is required for you to hand over a minimum of 30p and up to £7.20 in each spin you partake. Range wise, it is considered fairly reasonable, leaving every player a chance to rake in a decent win.

Jurassic World Normal Win

If it has been too long since you have watched the movie and forgot the story, generally you cannot be forgiven. But I am quite a kind person, so here is a recap especially made for you. Chris Pratt, being a former military man and animal expert, stands as the hero of the show. In view of that, he will be offering you the highest cash prizes. He comes in a form of a symbol, which is fascinatingly life-like.

Bonus Features

Let’s get the ball rolling and talk about what is the most important now. There is a very elaborate and detailed base game, jarringly similar to the beginning of the movie. Then, everything will just escalate and launch into a realm you never dreamed possible. With a total of five bonus features, Jurassic World really outdid itself. Wilds come in the symbol of their Jurassic World logo and will take the place of all other symbols on the reel, turning it into winning combinations.

Jurassic World Wild Win

Let’s proceed to the next feature that is loved by many – the Indominus feature. What a surprise, really. They have made it so realistic that once you have gotten a win of 3x to 5x you stake in the base game, an actual predatory dinosaur will suddenly pop onto your screen, showing you who is boss with a proper big roar. Not only does he greet you, he even gives you 200x your wager. Bring on more random dinosaur scares!

Jurassic World Bonus Features List

Another cool feature worth mentioning would be that when you have three or more scatter symbols, you are entitled to free spins. Subsequently, what pops up on the screen would be three locations, each one giving you an additional ‘up’ factor that raises your total winnings during free spins.

Jurassic World Indominous Feature

I’ll give you a briefing on the location details. At location one — Gyrosphere Valley — players are given 10 free spins with an initial win multiplier. For every non-winning spin, it goes up 1x until a win. As for Raptors Den, 10 free spins are unlocked, with scatter symbols being held on the screen until the end of the rounds. Once you have enough scatters on the reels, more free spins will come your way.

The third location choice is the Creation Lab. Here, the winning symbols will be exchanged for new ones after a win, so you are in for a brand new win. If you are found to be struggling at Jurassic World resort, by only managing to get just two scatters and are one short, not to worry. This luxury place will not leave you a sad miserable tourist. They make sure to give you at least something, turning the scatters into Wilds! All the more reason to stay in the game.


If my introduction has not given me away yet, I can and will repeat myself here. The visuals and graphics of this slot game blew me away. It was just what I had hoped for, because the movie itself has already set the bar really high.

They lead you into the movie as if you were really there, I was thoroughly entertained. In the midst of it all, they have made it so that Indominus rex appears to be walking into the screen, letting out a fierce roar — brilliant addition. The uplifting music also sets the tone for your adventures.

Jurassic World Super Big Win

Jurassic World can be played anywhere and on all devices, such as your ISS, Android or PC. Rest assured, graphics run as smooth as butter. Being out and about is not an obstacle and Jurrasic World is best enjoyed on a mobile phone.

Unique Feature

I cannot stress how hard it is for me to decide on just one distinct feature, because even though I may be biased, I would say that overall, this game itself is original in itself.

Jurassic World Big Win

What can replace prehistoric, genetically engineered dinosaur stories in a luxury resort? Not much. If I do however, have to make an ultimate decision it would be the Indominus. Nothing beats a dinosaur randomly popping out with a 200x cash win.

To sum it up…

Jurassic World has been one of my favourite movies and I’m pretty sure not just mine. It is sheer brilliance now made into a slot game, which stands tall when compared to other slots. The amount of detail and variation in features that went into Jurassic World is highly commendable. Here, you are not only playing with these enchanting extinct magical creatures, but are also rewarded with awesome payouts — double whammy!

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