A Guide To Zimpler — A Pay By Phone Service For Mobile Gamblers

Zimpler LogoThere are many deposit methods out there in mobile gambling. From VISA debit cards to wire bank transfers, it’s the duty of a mobile casino to make sure every player is accommodated for. This includes pay by phone billing methods and, to an extent, may include Zimpler.

For those who have encountered it and have the impress that Zimpler is just some other e-wallet, we invite you to look more carefully. Zimpler is the newest pay by phone billing service in the UK and it has been designed especially for mobile gambling, making it even easier for players to make their deposits.

Who Are Zimpler?

Zimpler, as we have already said, are a pay by phone billing service that allows mobile gamblers to deposit their wagers using their mobile phones. Originating from Sweden, it has recently come to the UK and has taken off rapidly. It is now available on more mobile casino sites than six months ago.

And why shouldn’t it be? It’s an incredibly simple way of making your payments. Many casinos endorse it and it has yet to put a foot wrong. Must be the lovely, blue logo or the fact that the Swedish tend to churn out good products. One or the other.

How Zimpler Works

Zimpler iphone numberSo how does Zimpler actually work? What makes it so different from every other pay by phone billing service? Well, apart from the fact that it works mostly in favour of mobile gamblers, its no-fuss approach to making deposits makes it stand out from the crowd.

This means that it has an immediate advantage over other services like PayPal and Boku. They know what players want so are more likely to deal with issues unique to them with more efficiency. And, unlike other pay by phone services, it allows you to store your bank details in one place so you can skim between different bank accounts wherever necessary.

Simply enter your mobile number then enter the amount of payment you want to put into your account. Then all that’s left is to verify that amount. It could not be simpler… Or should that be Zimpler?

In order to do all this, you must first visit their website and create an account. Once you do this, you’ll never have to do so again and you can store all your details on this one account.

Where Can It Be Used?

zimpler logo 2Because it has been around a while, Zimpler has gained a bit of a international reputation and is therefore available at many mobile casinos already. This includes the likes of Kaboo, LeoVegas, BGO Vegas, Casumo and Guts casino. All of these are very successful betting outlets and bringing in Zimpler only makes sense to increase their profit margins.

But of course, it’s been adopted more for the fact that it contributes to an easier depositing culture here in the mobile gambling industry. Seeing that mobile gambling is pushing forward more mobile and convenient methods of doing things (as is technology in general) it only makes sense to put these things forward and allow the change to happen.

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