Asgardian Stones Mobile Slot Reviewed – Colossal Symbols And Wins

asgardian stones slot reviewThe newest NetEnt release, Asgardian Stones is one more slot that draws inspiration from Norse mythology. This doesn’t mean that the game is like all others that fall into this category. It focuses on rune stones and their magical powers to bring fortune to the player – or take it away. The game includes wild symbols, cascading stones, multipliers and a bonus round.

That’s fairly simplistic for a NetEnt slot, but this isn’t necessarily bad. Asgardian Stones slot is easy to pick, but difficult to walk away from.



Asgardian Stones mobile slot has five reels with three rows and 20 paylines. The bet limits are 20p to £200, which should suit both low-rollers and those who like to risk. The slot RTP is 96.31% and the maximum win is exactly 2,000x your bet (up to £400,000). Having played for quite a while already, we can conclude that it’s a medium variance slot.

asgardian stones slot gameplay

There are eight different symbols, or stones, in the game, excluding the wild symbol and the bonus wheel. Each one of them, aside from the three low-paying fillers, are dedicated to a single deity. The highest symbol is, of course, Odin, which you can identify as the orange stone, paying up to 25x.

The theme of stone symbols is well incorporated into the gameplay mechanics. The base game features cascading stones, which means that there’s a re-spin after every win. The winning stones disappear and new stones fall from the top in their place. Colossal stones occupying 2×2 or even 3×3 spaces are also frequent. If they fall during re-spin, they may crush smaller stones below. This awards a multiplier for each row they destroy, up to the maximum of 4x.

asgardian stones cascading reels


Bonus Features

Other than the already mentioned colossal reels and the multiplier, there’s just one bonus feature to talk about. On any spin, the bonus wheel symbol may randomly appear on the far right. This wheel occupies a 3×3 block and even if a single row is visible, its effect will apply. However, while the wheel can select up to three bonuses, you’ll only get one for each row the wheel occupies. For the maximum effect, it needs to be fully visible.

When it lands, the wheel will spin and select three out of eight fields. Three of them include five bonus spins, while five include cash prizes up to 5x your bet. The maximum win from these prizes is 36x your bet, not counting the free spins, of course. Those are a completely different story.

asgardian stones bonus wheel

Depending on the outcome of the wheel spin, you can get from five to 15 extra spins. The bonus round includes all the base game features like crushing colossal blocks and even the bonus wheel. In other words, the bonus round can be re-triggered at any time. On top of that, the bonus round has colossal wilds, which are exempt from the base game. They’re quite frequent too and will often result in many re-spins and big wins.

Despite the fact that most features are available in the base game, we had much better luck with the bonus round. During our first run, we managed to hit 130x win from the extra spins in twenty minutes. The base game wasn’t nearly as lucrative during the same period, having returned no more than 25x win in a single spin.

asgardian stones slot big win



Like always, the company did a good job with the looks of this game and its mechanics. Just like other Viking-related titles from NetEnt (think Hall of Gods or Viking’s Treasure), Asgardian Stones uses an atmospheric and ambient soundtrack to create tension. The falling of the stones seems loud in the nearly silent background, making every spin much more dramatic.

asgardian stones colossal wild

We also enjoyed playing the slot thanks to its visual design. Valhalla and Odin’s Hall in the distance behind the stone wall adds even more charm to the game. Also, it reminds of Gonzo’s Quest, which uses the same layout. Regardless of that, the two slots don’t feel similar at all, which probably wasn’t easy to pull off.

Asgardian Stones slot is available on desktop and mobile devices in HTML5, the new technology currently trending in the industry. The game has lots of special visual effects, such as light rays when symbols explore, dust when they fall and many glowing elements. All this is very pleasing to look at and the game runs very smoothly at the same time. You should be able to spin the slot for extended periods of time and still enjoy quick, uninterrupted gameplay.

asgardian stones slot win


To sum it up…

While not stuffed with features, Asgardian Stones is very entertaining and fun to play. It has wide betting limits, good payout potential and a unique combination of features. Not to mention the great production quality! As an early release in 2018, it should be more than enough for NetEnt fans while they’re waiting for bigger releases this year.

Samurai Split Slot Review — Split Your Symbols For Big Rewards

Samurai-Split-SlotYou’ve always dreamed of walking the path of the Samurai, right? No? Not even a little bit? Well, you’ll get your chance to do so with NextGen‘s slot, Samurai Split — a video slot that uses split symbols to help players gain a win through massive multipliers. Imagine what you can accomplish if you give it a try!

While split symbols are nothing new, NextGen incorporate them well here and manage to make them seem fresh and original. Part of that probably has to do with the theme as it is a fairly conventional slot but uses the Samurai concept to great effect. What else does this game do right? Let’s have a look and see.


As you are probably well aware by now, Samurai Split is based off splitting symbols. Pretty obvious, right? It’s in the title after all. Each split allows players to gather 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, and 32x multipliers which means that not all every multiplier you get are tiny ones but they can significantly boost your win by a simple turn of the reel.

Because of this larger multiplication in split symbols, however, that makes them less regular than you might expect. On the other hand, you don’t want too much of an unfair advantage because then the game will be too easy and people won’t get much satisfaction out of it.

Bonus Features

After getting 5 scatters on screen, each player can use the Samurai Split’s 480 free games. That’s right: 480! Now because that’s a lot, you’re more likely to only get 10 or 20 but that’s still quite a bit.

The Warrior Spin, apart from the main Splits feature is, essentially, the defining aspect and main feature of the game. After one re-spin, players get to remove all the low-paying symbols on the reel. This works very well as many of the symbols are pretty high-paying as they are. Remove the few that aren’t and you’ve got a guaranteed win.

In addition to those, you’ve got wild and scatters. Scatters, of course, lead to re-spins while Wilds can help you win up to 25 paylines but do not replace the scatter symbols. Still, it gives the player an enormous advantage overall.


While Samurai Split isn’t the best-looking slot around, it does look pretty great. The graphics, which are mostly 2D, are cool and unique enough to be entertaining as well as engaging. The sound design’s pretty neat too and the animation is beautifully smooth. While it lacks sophisticated 3D graphics, we hardly need those to enjoy this one.

To Sum It Up…

Samurai Split is most definitely worth your time. It’s different enough not to be too generic and familiar enough not to be too out-there. It’s a strong contender for being one of the better split-symbol video slots and it could actually go up against the likes of slots made by NetEnt and Microgaming. It kills time in the afternoon, that’s for sure. Log into your NextGen casino for your chance to win a massive multiplier!

Highlander Mobile Slot Reviewed — A Retro Inspired Triumph

Highlander by Microgaming2017 has brought us many things, but one of the year’s stand out trends has to be the 80’s revival. Not only have shoulder padded blazers come back into fashion, but the world has gone crazy for the Netflix series Stranger Things and now it looks like software developers are wanting their slice of the action too.

Highlander is the newest slot from Microgaming and it’s based around the 1986 cult film of the same name. It comes complete with retro styled graphics, rock music and characters from the movie, as well as a multitude of bonus features and flawless gameplay.  However, whilst we know that Microgaming are entirely capable when it comes to creating great branded slots, we weren’t initially entirely convinced that this niche theme would be able to stand out from the crowd. Did giving the slot a spin change our mind? Read our full review to find out.


Highlander is a 5 reel, 243 ways to win slot and it’s available across all devices, including mobile, desktop and tablet. This means that all sorts of players will be able to enjoy this fantasy themed game and the low minimum and maximum betting amounts make it even more accessible too. You can start playing Highlander for as little as 40p a spin, all the way up to £30.

Highlander Slot by Microgaming Screenshot

The slot, like the original movie, is set in the Scottish Highlands and the reels hang against a dark, stormy, yet beautiful, landscape. Symbols on the reels include four characters from the film; Heather MacLeod, Brenda Wyatt, Kurgan and two Connor MacLeod symbols, as well as the traditional 10 to Ace playing card values. There’s also a wild symbol, which is represented by the Highlander movie logo, and this will substitute for all other symbols except for the scatter.

Highlander Slot Paytable

On first impressions, the Highlander slot looks to perfectly capture the spirit and style of the cult film and this is also reflected in the games payouts. For those who don’t know, Highlander was an action packed fantasy title and so it seems fitting that this new slot offers players the exciting prospect of winning 3,416x their stake on every spin.

Bonus Features

Usually when Microgaming produce a branded slot, they pack it full of multiple bonus features in order to attract players who may have no interested in the film/tv show it’s based around. However, whilst more chances to win big can never be a bad thing, in the past we’ve often found that these simply disrupt gameplay without actually enhancing our bankroll. It comes as a nice surprise then, that Highlander only includes two bonus features, especially as both can be very rewarding.

Highlander Scatter Bonus

First up, we have a simple feature which is triggered when you land two scatter symbols, represented by the sword, anywhere on the reels. These scatters are then transformed into wilds, giving you extra chances to create a winning combination.

The other Highlander bonus feature is the extra spins round, which is played when you find three or more scatters on the reels. You’ll then be rewarded with ten free spins, and these are played on a new set of reels which hang against the New York City skyline.

Highlander Extra Spins Round

In the extra spins round, players will also benefit from ‘quickening wilds’. which means that on any extra spin, lightening can strike the reels to turn regular symbols wild. The more times the lightening strikes in any extra spins round, the more wilds you will receive. This makes this bonus feature highly exciting and lucrative.


Visually, Highlander is a triumph. Microgaming have really managed to capture the essence of the original film and it even looks great when played on a smaller screen. The game’s rock music soundtrack also helps to add to the retro vibe, yet the slot still seems surprisingly modern. This is due to the high quality graphics and the fact that it performs flawlessly across all devices.

Highlander Slot on Mobile

That being said, this is quite a dark and moody title and therefore we’re not sure it will appeal to everyone. If your favourite slots usually feature fluffy animals or bright colours then you may be a little taken aback by Highlander, but we urge you to give it a go anyway. Who needs cutesy characters when you’ve got the immortal Connor MacLeod on your reels!?

To Sum It Up…

Highlander is Microgaming’s final branded slot of the year, and we think they’ve done a very good job indeed. This year saw the release of many movie-inspired games from the brand, such as the excellent Jurassic World, yet with Highlander they’ve proven that they can do justice to retro classics in addition to outstanding blockbuster slots.

We think that, for a fairly niche theme, Highlander will appeal to a diverse range of players thanks to it’s stunning graphics and rewarding bonus features. Moreover, the medium volatility of the game makes it exciting without being too risky and perfect for every budget.

Reactoonz Mobile Slot Reviewed — An Unassuming Hit

Reactoonz Slot LogoReactoonz is the follow up title to the much loved Energoonz game by Play’N Go, but you’d be very much mistaken to write it off as just another unoriginal sequel slot.

You see, whilst Energoonz was a brilliant game, with a 5×5 grid and amusing aliens, Play’N Go have really uped the ante with this new release. Of course, thematically the slot is the same, but Reactoonz takes everything that was great about Energoonz and adds to it.

That means that players can expect a larger grid, more ways to win, more bonus features and a higher volatility, thus making those big wins all the more satisfactory. Don’t let those cute aliens deceive you — this is a breakneck slots that is sure to entertain!


Reactoonz is played on a 7×7 grid and wins are awarded when five or more matching symbols appear touching each other, either horizontally or vertically. The slot works much like Aloha! Cluster Pays and Emoji Planet by NetEnt, and it also benefits from cascading reels. This means that when you do create a winning cluster, the contributing symbols are removed and new symbols will drop in to fill the space. Consequently, you can pick up a whole bunch of wins from a single spin.

Reactoonz Gameplay

Symbols on the reels include various different aliens, all different shapes and all different colours. The alien to watch out for, however, is the pink fellow, who will award you with 750x your wager for a cluster of 15 or more symbols. The game also benefits from a wild symbol, which is represented by a vortex. This simply works like a traditional wild, substituting for all other symbols to help create winning clusters.

Reactoonz Big Win

Reactoonz is playable for as little as 20p a spin, all the way up to £100. This means it should suit a whole range of budgets, but take note that this is a highly volatile game. You may spin for ages without a single win, and then all of a sudden clusters will come in thick and fast, boosting your bankroll significantly.

Bonus Features

Reactoonz actually benefits from not one, not two, but a whopping seven bonus features! Normally, we’re dubious of slots that might promise too many bells and whistles. They often don’t pay out too well, on account of there being so many, and thus disrupt gameplay.

Luckily, however, the Reactoonz’s bonus features are all heavy-hitters. Each time you create a winning cluster, you’ll power up the Quantum Leap  meter by one. When the meter is fully charged, one of four bonus features will be triggered.

  • Alteration — One symbol will be picked at random and all of those symbols, which are currently in play will change to a different symbol. This gives players the chance of creating a grid filled with tonnes of the same symbol and therefore creating some huge wins.
  • Demotion — All low paying symbols are destroyed and removed from the grid, allowing new symbols to fall in from above.
  • Implosion — Up to six different symbols are transformed into wilds, with adjacent symbols also being destroyed. This means that new symbols will take their place and can combine with the wilds to create wins.
  • Incision — A wild is placed in the centre of the grid and two intersecting diagonal lines (an X shape) are cut into the grid. These lines will show the same symbol.

Reactoonz Quantum Features

The Gargantoon sits to the side of the reels as you play and if you manage to fill the charge meter five times, he will be added to the reels. The Garagantoon is a 3×3 wild symbol to begin with and then on each cascade he will divide up. First to two 2×2 wilds, then to nine normal symbol sized wilds.

Reactoonz Gargantoon Symbol

There are two other bonus features in Reactoonz and both are present within the base game. The first, ‘fluctuation’, means that on each spin, one symbol is chosen at random and if these are part of a winning combination they will leave behind two wilds in their place.

The second is the ‘instability’ feature. This feature can be triggered on any non-winning spin in the base game and it means that the Gargantoon will drop four to eight wilds onto the grid.

Reactoonz Wilds



Reactoonz is a highly original slot, which is completed with amazing graphics. The alien symbols are bold and amusing, and the game looks flawless across all devices. We were a little worried that the 9×9 grid would appear too busy, when played on a smaller screen. Yet, Play’n Go have managed to make sure that you won’t feel like your missing out, no matter which device you play on.

Reactoonz Super Big Win

The bonus features each come with their own animation and we love that each win is celebrated by the Gargantoon. That being said, we did have to mute the game after only a couple of spins, because, whilst the music is fitting to the theme, we found it highly annoying!

To Sum It Up…

Reactoonz may sound incredibly complicated, but by about your third spin, you’ll have got the hang of it. It’s a fast paced, fun slot which forgoes convention and instead delivers something highly original.

As we mentioned earlier, however, Reactoonz is a high variance game so don’t let those cute aliens lull you into a false sense of security. You could win up to 4,570 times your stake on every spin, but you could also play for a long time without seeing a single reward.

Jurassic World Mobile Slot Reviewed — A Thriller Slot

Jurassic World Feature ImageJust by hearing the name Jurrasic World screams excitement and the best part is that this game actually does the franchise justice.  One of the best slot games I have ever reviewed, I can safely say you would miss out big time if you skip out on this one. Ranking as the world’s fourth highest grossing film of all time, Jurassic World is the epitome of what prehistoric life could be in the face of civilization. Located off the coast of Costa Rica, a luxury resort throws up an array of genetically engineered dinosaurs — what could be more out there?

Indominus rex makes a remarkable appearance in the game giving you 200x your spin wager, alongside other main characters of the movie. Yes, you heard it. Chris Pratt, aunt Claire, Vic Hoskins and Irrfan Khan will be there too. But will you see T-rex here? You have to play to find out!


Jurassic World brings you a layout of 5×3 reels with a juicy number of 243 paylines. It is safe to say this game has an average slot variance, judging from its payout frequencies and sizes. More often than not, your wins will be in the range of 1x to 10x your spin wager. I’ll let you in on a secret — most of the bonus features carry ginormous prizes and there is a harmony between the two for a good game.

Jurassic World Small Win

For you to participate and feast your eyes in the face of death, it is required for you to hand over a minimum of 30p and up to £7.20 in each spin you partake. Range wise, it is considered fairly reasonable, leaving every player a chance to rake in a decent win.

Jurassic World Normal Win

If it has been too long since you have watched the movie and forgot the story, generally you cannot be forgiven. But I am quite a kind person, so here is a recap especially made for you. Chris Pratt, being a former military man and animal expert, stands as the hero of the show. In view of that, he will be offering you the highest cash prizes. He comes in a form of a symbol, which is fascinatingly life-like.

Bonus Features

Let’s get the ball rolling and talk about what is the most important now. There is a very elaborate and detailed base game, jarringly similar to the beginning of the movie. Then, everything will just escalate and launch into a realm you never dreamed possible. With a total of five bonus features, Jurassic World really outdid itself. Wilds come in the symbol of their Jurassic World logo and will take the place of all other symbols on the reel, turning it into winning combinations.

Jurassic World Wild Win

Let’s proceed to the next feature that is loved by many – the Indominus feature. What a surprise, really. They have made it so realistic that once you have gotten a win of 3x to 5x you stake in the base game, an actual predatory dinosaur will suddenly pop onto your screen, showing you who is boss with a proper big roar. Not only does he greet you, he even gives you 200x your wager. Bring on more random dinosaur scares!

Jurassic World Bonus Features List

Another cool feature worth mentioning would be that when you have three or more scatter symbols, you are entitled to free spins. Subsequently, what pops up on the screen would be three locations, each one giving you an additional ‘up’ factor that raises your total winnings during free spins.

Jurassic World Indominous Feature

I’ll give you a briefing on the location details. At location one — Gyrosphere Valley — players are given 10 free spins with an initial win multiplier. For every non-winning spin, it goes up 1x until a win. As for Raptors Den, 10 free spins are unlocked, with scatter symbols being held on the screen until the end of the rounds. Once you have enough scatters on the reels, more free spins will come your way.

The third location choice is the Creation Lab. Here, the winning symbols will be exchanged for new ones after a win, so you are in for a brand new win. If you are found to be struggling at Jurassic World resort, by only managing to get just two scatters and are one short, not to worry. This luxury place will not leave you a sad miserable tourist. They make sure to give you at least something, turning the scatters into Wilds! All the more reason to stay in the game.


If my introduction has not given me away yet, I can and will repeat myself here. The visuals and graphics of this slot game blew me away. It was just what I had hoped for, because the movie itself has already set the bar really high.

They lead you into the movie as if you were really there, I was thoroughly entertained. In the midst of it all, they have made it so that Indominus rex appears to be walking into the screen, letting out a fierce roar — brilliant addition. The uplifting music also sets the tone for your adventures.

Jurassic World Super Big Win

Jurassic World can be played anywhere and on all devices, such as your ISS, Android or PC. Rest assured, graphics run as smooth as butter. Being out and about is not an obstacle and Jurrasic World is best enjoyed on a mobile phone.

Unique Feature

I cannot stress how hard it is for me to decide on just one distinct feature, because even though I may be biased, I would say that overall, this game itself is original in itself.

Jurassic World Big Win

What can replace prehistoric, genetically engineered dinosaur stories in a luxury resort? Not much. If I do however, have to make an ultimate decision it would be the Indominus. Nothing beats a dinosaur randomly popping out with a 200x cash win.

To sum it up…

Jurassic World has been one of my favourite movies and I’m pretty sure not just mine. It is sheer brilliance now made into a slot game, which stands tall when compared to other slots. The amount of detail and variation in features that went into Jurassic World is highly commendable. Here, you are not only playing with these enchanting extinct magical creatures, but are also rewarded with awesome payouts — double whammy!

Emoji Planet Mobile Slot Reviewed — The Ultimate Form Of Expressions!

Emoji Planet Feature ImageIf there is one thing that year 2017 will be remembered for, it will be for the rise of something we all love — the Emojis! No matter who you are, you can’t deny that all your messages are filled with them. Don’t believe me? Go on then, take out your phone and check your messages… Told you so! The whole craze began in 2015 and that year ended with the Oxford Dictionaries declaring ‘pictograph’ as the Word of the Year. Or, in other words, emojis.

In my opinion, there cannot be a better time for NetEnt to get on the Emoji hype train. Emoji Planet is packed with tons of Wilds and captivating bonus features. If I had to choose a slot that would remind me of how great 2017 was, Emoji Planet would be it!


With Emoji Planet, NetEnt has shaken things up a bit and has integrated a slightly eccentric 6×5 reel layout to the game. They have also ditched the traditional payline system and instead opted to reward players when they form clusters of the same symbols. To form a winning cluster, you will need a minimum of five symbols and as expected, the bigger the winning cluster, the higher your wins.

Emoji Planet Gameplay

Budget wise, this slot accepts anything from 20p all the way up to £200 per spin. This wide range should be able to accommodate both casual players and slots enthusiasts without any issues. The entire range of the wagers can be customized by selecting the preferred coin value on the bottom of your reels.

Emoji Planet Cluster Highlight

Based on the payout frequencies and sizes, I would characterize this game as medium variance. You will be experiencing decent payout frequencies and sizes, but don’t get too complacent though. When luck is not on your side, you may have to go through a series of non-winning spins.

Bonus Features

Given the fact that Emoji Planet utilizes the cluster system rather than paylines, Wilds matter a lot more in this game. The Wild symbols comes in the form of the Star emoji, and as usual, they will replace any other emojis to create cluster wins.

Another simple feature present in this slot is the Avalanche feature. Essentially, this feature gives you a second chance of creating a new winning cluster right after you have won something. After each win, new symbols will Avalanche into your reels replacing the winning cluster.

Emoji Planet Pizza Feature

The Emoji Meter feature is where all the emotions start pouring. In total, there are five emoji meters and after every win, the meters are filled up with the corresponding emojis from the win. Once the meters are filled up, you will trigger a bonus round of boosted spins.

Emoji Planet Big Bomb Cluster

The details are as follows:

  • Bomb Feature – Once the Bomb feature is triggered, eight emojis on your reels will be destroyed and you will be awarded a cash prize between 40 and 800 times your spin wager
  • Pizza Feature – A 3×3 cluster of symbols will appear on your reels creating a cluster
  • Kiss Mark Feature – You will be granted Sticky Wilds randomly on your reels and all of them come with three lives; they lose a live whenever they are responsible for a win
  • Rocket Feature – A stack of 10 Wild symbols appear on and above one of your reels, creating a massive cluster win
  • Two Hearts Feature – All your wins will be subject to a win multiplier that depends on how many times you have filled up the emoji meters


As the name of this slot suggests, every visual element is designed after emojis. If you have been using emojis for a while now, you will recognize the usual smiley face, kisses, hearts, aliens and poo emojis as symbols. The theme that NetEnt has chosen for this game is simple, but brilliant at the same time. What impressed me most is what they have made out of it.

Emoji Planet Big Cluster

Whole reels have been redesigned and on top of that, they have added life to all the emojis. Speaking of which, there are tonnes of animations in this game. Even before you start playing, you will be entertained by an introductory animation that shows an emoji travelling through time. What’s more to say?

Emoji Planet Super Big Win

Emoji Planet can be played on PC’s and on mobile devices of different platforms. Players who are on the go will love this game as it is highly optimized for mobile gameplay. It is a wonder how NetEnt could make a 6×5 reel fit so perfectly on a mobile screen…

To sum it up…

The Emoji Planet slot is simply awesome. After playing it for a while, it’s easy to see how many people have fallen in love with it. To me, this slot is not just a game, in a way, it is an extension of our lives. Think about it, this game exhibits its emotions and experiences in the form of emojis – something that all of us can relate to.

For instance, don’t you think that the fact that Emoji Planet paying out 1,000 times your spin wager when you cover your reels in smiley faces is a match made in heaven? Right now, I am very inclined to say that Emoji Planet is 2017’s greatest creations!

Redroo Mobile Slot Reviewed — Welcome To The Australian Outback!

Redroo Feature ImagePitched as the ultimate mobile slot from the outback of Australia, the Redroo mobile slot by Lightning Box Games seems as potent as all the wild life that we know of from this region. Redroo himself who is the star in this slot packs a massive punch – rewarding his players of up to – wait for it – 33,210 times their spin wager. Wait what?!

Even if you had wagered a mere £2, you would be walking home with a whooping £66,240 in your pocket. That is literally more than most jackpots in slot games. Don’t get too excited just yet, as the Redroo slot sports similar characteristics to life in the outback — high risk, high reward. Come out of it alive though and you will be rewarded heftily.


All of Australia and its craziness is brought to us in five reels. The Redroo mobile slot features 1,024 ways to win instead of paylines and you may start spinning from a mere 40p per spin. For all the high rollers out there, the game accepts up to £400 per spin, making this slot suitable for all types of players regardless of budget.

Redroo Small Win

The Redroo slot takes us all to the heart of the Australian outback where you will find everything from Kangaroos, cockatoos, a dog and an Australian couple. The highest paying symbol in Redroo is the kangaroo symbol (duhh…), and when you get them with multipliers in place, the average payouts are usually north of 10x your spin wager.

Redroo Super Big Win

The Redroo mobile slot embodies the Australia Outback in every way that we can think of including in its payouts. This game is of medium to high volatility and as such, it is deemed to sport higher risks than many of its peers. Payouts are infrequent, but when they do come eventually, it rains money. One thing for sure: players need to have loads of patience to play this game.

Bonus Features

In our opinion, the bonus features department is where the Redroo mobile slot excels in most. There are two simple features in this game, but oh boy, they are absolutely crazy when it comes to payout numbers.

Redroo Bonus Symbols

First up are the simple Wild symbols. In Redroo, they come in the form of the Wild Rock and they will replace every other symbol on your reels to make up a winning payline. They only conditions that the Wilds adhere to is that they will not replace the Australia symbols and will only appear on the second, third and fourth reel.

Redroo Bonus Feature Win

Next up are the Redroo free spins, which coincidentally is the most profitable feature we have seen in our lives. To trigger the free spins, you will need to get at least three Australia symbols (scatters) anywhere on your reels. Three, four and five scatters will grant you 8, 15 and 20 free spins.

The rewards don’t stop there, during your free spin rounds, you can trigger an additional 5 free spins by getting two scatters anywhere on your reels. Theoretically speaking, you can trigger additional free spins as many times as you can without being restricted.

Redroo Free Spins Win Multiplier

This is where things get really interesting. Wilds that you get during the free spins are not just ordinary Wilds. Yes, they do complete paylines like they are supposed to, but on top of that they come with a 2x or 3x win multiplier attached to them. Get many Wilds simultaneously and you may be looking at a total multiplier of 27x!


Redroo is a well-designed slot, filled with graphics that go hand in hand with theme Australian outback theme. All of the symbols in this game have been made with lots of attention to detail and even your wins are celebrated in the most Australian manner. We loved that the Redroo mobile slot is responsive and loads quickly on all our test devices, including mobile phones.

Redroo Free Spins Win Gameplay

Speaking of mobile devices, the Redroo slot has been optimized perfectly for smaller screens, meaning that you will be able to see and read everything clearly without much hassle. The buttons are also nicely spaced out from each other so you will never be hitting the wrong ones accidentally.

Best thing about Redroo?

There is no way that anybody can ignore the sheer numbers that the free spins and wilds are putting out in the bonus features. Unlimited free spins and a 27x win multiplier on all your wins?! We can think of any other slot that offers anything close to what Redroo does.

Don’t even get us started on the point that this slot may potentially pay up to 33,210 times your wager in a single spin. Of course, with great rewards, comes great risks. As mentioned previously, this is a high volatility slot, so you will have to tread carefully if you ever want to come out of the other side alive.

Redroo Free Spins Normal Win

To sum it up…

High risks, high rewards is the name of the game in the Redroo mobile slot. This slot may break any profitability meter by putting up tons of cash up for grabs, but at the same time, players have to be extremely careful playing this game.

Lose concentration for a little while and all of a sudden you might very well be staring at an empty bank balance. We wish you the very best in this Australian outback adventure!