Boku Not Working? Try These 9 Troubleshooting Methods

Boku LogoMost of the time, technology can be pretty reliable. But other times? It can fall flat on its face. Pay by phone billing is no different and services that provide it, like Boku, are prone to errors now and again. Whether its connectivity issues, the wrong PIN number or simply because your phone’s not working as well as it should do, all of these things can happen and often do.

But it may seem worse than when other things break because there’s money involved. Imagine being in the middle of a transaction and suddenly the whole process stops unexpectedly. It’s understandable that you might be a little panicked, but don’t worry! There are ways that it can be fixed before you look for the customer service number. Here are nine ways you can troubleshoot the most common problems that you might encounter with Boku.


If you’re new to Boku or feel like you’re not good at fixing things, then there’s no need to worry because these troubleshooting methods are very simple to accomplish and will hopefully get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

1) No Signal

mobile no signal phoneThe first thing to check is if you have any signal on your mobile device. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that your phone needs a certain amount of bars in order to send something. If you’re in an area where there is little signal, move somewhere better and hopefully this should sort things out.

If the problem persists, then it may be that your network provider has decided to drop your coverage. But most of the time, a weak signal can be fixed by simply trying again later when the strength is a little better.

2) Your Device/WiFi Switches Off Unexpectedly

no wifiHave you ever had a moment when your phone or tablet just crashes then switched off unexpectedly? How often has your WiFi router just given up? It’s a regular occurrence and usually means that the device, whatever it is, just needs to reset itself. On the other hand, it can be quite scary because you were in the middle of carrying out a Boku transaction.

Don’t panic. Boku, thankfully, thought about this problem and set up the service so it takes you back to the last place where you made a payment. You’ll get a message that reads ‘Complete In Progress Transaction’ from which you can then carry on from where you left off.

3) Reached Your Daily £30 Limit

boku-deposit-limitIf you’re a high-roller, you may forget that pay by phone billing across all networks have a £30 deposit limit imposed on Boku users to prevent overspending. Once you have reached this limit, you cannot make a deposit with Boku again until the next day. There isn’t much you can do about this, unfortunately.

However, if you’ve worked out that you have spent £30 using Boku (but still wish to spend more) then you should either wait 24 hours or simply use another transaction service. Some carriers, however, do provide a premium service in which you can raise the deposit limit. Get in touch if you want to make use of it.

4) Frozen ‘Resume’ Page

bufferingWhen you see the same page again and again, especially if that page says ‘Processing’, you might feel an urge to throw your device out of the window. Sometimes things do get stuck while using apps and webpages, and with Boku it’s a common occurrence to get stuck on the ‘Do You Want to Resume’ page.

This is actually not a design flaw in their case, however, as it means that you have an older transaction that needs approval before proceeding with a new one. Simply complete that transaction to continue. But if you do want to complete an entirely new transaction, head to the ‘Star New Transaction’ page and go through the process again.

5) Pre-Paying

withdraw money atmIn theory, pre-paid Boku transactions should work perfectly. However, sometimes, they just don’t work because carriers and mobile network providers put in so much security that it makes pay by phone billing almost pointless, seeing as it’s supposed to be easier to use than other payment methods.

It also means you need extra funds in your account. So say you have £10 in your account and choose to make a payment of £10 then it might not got through. Literally the only thing that can be done about this is to contact your provider or avoid using pre-payment methods.

6) Your Number Is Blocked

Blocked If you get a message from Boku saying ‘This Number is Blocked’ then, basically, you’re one unlucky gambler. Very unlucky. This means that the mobile carrier has requested that your number is banned from using your mobile device for any mobile depositing service.

This can be done because you either requested too many refunds or simply spend way too much money. But you can choose to block Boku as a self-exclusionary tactic to curb any problematic gambling behaviour.

7) ‘Where’s My PIN Code?’

Mobile PaymentIf you have requested a PIN code but have still yet to receive one, this could most likely be the result of the mobile carrier or network having issues connecting to your device. This means it’ll come through eventually but it might take a bit longer than usual.

We must urge you to avoid the temptation to send a volley of texts requesting a PIN code as this could confuse the carrier and create more problems your end. Just wait a while and it should come through. If it doesn’t, then try using Boku again. If the problem persists, then you might want to contact them directly about it.

8) Entered Wrong PIN Too Often

money piggy bank lockYou’re probably familiar with this problem if you’ve entered your bank card’s PIN number wrong too many times and got blocked from using it as a result. It can even happen if you enter your phone’s security password too many times!

But don’t worry, this is simple to fix. If you’re certain that you are not entering the code wrong, contact Boku and they will assist you in getting you back on your feet.

9) Money Has Not Appeared

whyFinally, you’ve gone through the transaction process, you’ve confirmed the amount that you’ve paid… but the money has not appeared in your account. This might set off alarm bells in your head and understandably so; you don’t want to be charged more than once for the same thing.

The best thing to do is check you transaction history to see if the payment has gone through. If it has, then you simply have to wait for it to appear. If it hasn’t wait a while then check your history again or refresh the page. If it still isn’t there then it’s best to contact Boku.

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