5 Reasons You Should Turn To Pay By Phone Billing

Mobile PaymentThere’s little doubt in many people’s minds that pay by phone billing has taken the online gambling industry by storm. It is doubtless one of the best payment methods out there and yet many players still stick to their old methods.

While there is nothing wrong with sticking to your e-wallet or credit card, we believe that it would be a mistake to turn pass over pay by phone billing as it could enhance your gambling experience. How? Well, we’ve listed 5 reasons below why you should switch to pay by phone billing immediately.

1) Pay By Phone Billing Is Secure

boku pay by mobileContrary to some belief that has grown among circles in the online gambling community, pay by phone billing is completely secure. In a way, it’s more secure than using an e-wallet. How? With an e-wallet service, you register your details in one place on a particular database. Though security restrictions on said databases are notoriously difficult to crack, the information can still be obtained in some way.

With pay by phone billing, on the other hand, the only information you send is the amount you wish to deposit at your casino and what you get back is a verification code that can only work once. So if you hear anyone who says it’s bad because the security is easily hack-able… well, just tell them how wrong they are.

2) Pay By Phone Billing Is Easy

Pay by phone billing is ridiculously easy that a chimp could probably do it. All it needs for you to do is send an SMS message and that is literally it. This is why many people believe this is what makes mobile deposits lack in security. But, really, it’s so easy and secure that it’s little wonder so many players (and casinos) are taking it up.

While with e-wallets and credit cards, you have to fill out a registration form and worry about getting those details right, anyone with a mobile phone can make a mobile deposit. It doesn’t even require you to have a bank account. Just send that text and the amount is taken from your monthly pay-as-you-go credit. However, if you are on a monthly contract, you may also be able to make a mobile deposit. Simply add the amount to your monthly bill. Handy if you’re short on cash until the end of the month.

3) Pay By Phone Billing Is Quick

Let us ask you a question: how fast is your e-wallet to process payments? It doesn’t matter what the answer is. Whatever it is, it will doubtless not be as quick as making a mobile deposit via pay by phone billing. It’s as fast as sending a text and you could literally be gambling within seconds of putting through your payment.

And the best thing about it is that this doesn’t even require an internet connection to happen. Every mobile phone network company in the UK allows pay by phone billing (with a £30 daily cap of course) which makes things all the easier and most accessible to all players.

4) Pay By Phone Billing Has No Fees

withdraw money atmWhile there are some costs attributed to e-wallets (usually whilst making transactions overseas), there are absolutely none when it comes to mobile depositing. That’s right. None whatsoever. The only cost is the amount you plan to put into your bank account. It’s a completely free service to use, which really makes it something to be a part of.

So the next time you hear anyone telling you mobile depositing has secret, hidden fees, feel free to contradict them because it’s absolutely not true. Pay by phone billing only has the cost of a maximum daily limit of £30, as we’ve mentioned.

5) Pay By Phone Billing Makes Mobile Gambling Better

And finally, when you take into account the previous four points in this post, you can see why pay by phone billing would improve your mobile gambling experience.

It needs no internet connection, can be done simply by sending a text, doesn’t need a credit card to use, and absolutely anyone can do it. It’s built for mobile players and will continue to garner popularity, we feel, until it takes over e-wallets and credit cards as the primary source of depositing.

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