The 3 Ways To Mobile Phone Bill Deposit At Mobile Casinos

mobile casinoMobile phone bill depositing is a simple payment method, which has a surprisingly diverse number of ways that it can be carried out. Premium SMS payment services all have one thing in common: they allow you to make payments by charging the transaction to your mobile phone bill. This is usually done by responding to an SMS in order to authorise a payment. But each mobile depositing service has its own way of handling how you authorise your final payment. So to keep you in the know, we’re going to take a look at Boku, Pay By Phone and Payforit, to see how each of these premium SMS services handle your payments.

Payforit – Enter A Code To Confirm

payforit logoPayforit offers an elegant solution to the issue that many premium SMS services suffer from. Many mobile depositing services ask that you respond to an SMS in order to confirm your payment. However, the issue with this system is that it means darting about between your casino depositing page and your messaging app. This can not only be inconvenient, but can confuse a lot of players who aren’t sure how to quickly navigate through several apps on their phone, complicating what should be a simple payment process.

Payforit asks players to enter their mobile phone number and then requests that players enter a 6 digit code at the casino’s depositing page in order to confirm any payments. The code is sent to you via an SMS, but avoids the issue of you having to switch over to your messaging app, since the code appears as part of the SMS preview in your notifications bar. That way, you can quickly make a note of the code, copy it into the box and then click confirm, all without leaving the casino’s depositing page.

Boku Mobile – Respond To An SMS

boku pay by mobileBoku Mobile sticks with the traditional tried and tested method of having players respond to an SMS in order to action any mobile deposit. While this system has the earlier issue we mentioned, where you have to switch between apps in order to complete any payment, it does have the added benefit of giving players a little extra time to double check all the information and be certain before they authorise and complete their payment.

When players enter the amount they want to deposit and then enter their mobile phone number, they are sent an SMS which confirms the amount they’re depositing and to which casino the deposit is going. Players then simply need to head to their messaging app and respond to the text with “Y”. Once they’ve responded, they’ll then receive a final text message confirming the payment has gone through. Boku Mobile has an edge over Payforit, since Boku can remember players mobile number, so when players come to make subsequent payments using Boku, they no longer have to type in their mobile phone number, removing yet another step in the depositing process.

Pay By Phone – Connect Your Mobile To Your Casino

pay by phone logoPay By Phone has the most streamlined system of all 3 of the major mobile depositing methods we’re taking a look at. Annoyingly, while Pay By Phone has the most cut down payment process, it is one of the less common mobile depositing methods out there, so you might have to look a little harder to find it. Once you do though, you’ll reap the rewards of how simple it is to mobile deposit using Pay By Phone.

Whenever you sign up with a new casino, they’ll ask for your mobile number. If your casino supports Pay By Phone depositing, then once you’ve signed up, in your confirmation SMS, you’ll also receive a 4 digit Pay By Phone validation code.

The next time you go to make a deposit at your casino, select Pay By Phone and you’ll be asked to confirm your mobile number and then enter your 4 digit code. Once you’ve entered in your mobile number and then copied the Pay By Phone validation code from your casino welcome text, you’ve set up Pay By Phone depositing. That’s literally all there is to it.

The next time you come to pay at your mobile casino, it’s simply a one click payment to confirm and authorise everything. Pay By Phone is a mobile depositing service which works similarly to a bank card payment. You save your details at the casino, and then you can make simple one click payments to complete the transaction. You simply tie your mobile phone and casino account together, in order to streamline your mobile payments, so there’s less busywork for subsequent deposits.

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