The Top 5 Mobile Deposit Myths And Why They’re Wrong

Myth vs FactWhen it comes to making a mobile deposit, some people can be a little… apprehensive to say the least. This can be down to a number of reasons, all of which can be traced back to a general ignorance or naivety as to how making a mobile deposit works.

It’s a shame when people shake their heads and turn their nose up to it because they believe such myths. Using mobile deposits is an incredibly effective way of making a payment to an online casino. They could literally make their whole lives easier if only they were a little wiser. Hence why we have come up with a list of the top 5 myths regarding mobile deposits and dispel some of the nonsense that’s out there.

Myth #1 — Making A Mobile Deposit Is Unsafe

computer thiefThis has to be, without any doubt, the most offensively untrue thing about mobile deposits. It’s insulting to the point where it does a disservice not only to the companies that provide them, but any player, who decides to use them too. Making a mobile deposit is not only safe, it’s as safe if not safer than making a deposit via most e-wallets. Not only do you not need much in order to complete a transaction, the security measures surrounding mobile deposits are extremely difficult to crack.

But where has this myth come from? As far as we’re concerned, nobody has ever had a security breach when they made a mobile deposit. Our guess is that, because using services like Boku does not require a log-in or password, people assume its not as safe because anyone can then use your funds. While we see where they are coming from, this cannot be further from the truth. No one can access your bank account via mobile depositing. It just doesn’t work that way.

Myth #2 — You Have To Pay To Make A Mobile Deposit

withdraw money atmAgain — wrong! Apart from the amount you intend to put into your wagering account, you never have to pay to make a mobile deposit. Ever. There are no hidden charges, no transfer funds, no conversion rates. It’s a one hundred percent free thing to use. And why should you have to pay for it? Do you have to pay to use PayPal? No, because that would be absurd!

Out of all the mobile deposit myths on this list, this one really is the most confusing. It’s a real head-scracther as to where people get the idea that they would have to surrender more than their deposit in order to use a completely free service. After all, every UK mobile phone network provides it and this make it a very good, universal service that people can use. Nowhere do you ever have to pay for it.

Myth #3 — A Mobile Deposit Needs A Credit/Debit Card

Credit cardsOkay, this is perhaps the biggest misconception surrounding mobile deposits and, unlike the previous two, we can understand why people make this assumption. They believe that, in order to make a mobile deposit, you have to provide your bank card details via text so that the funds can be extracted from your account. Come to think of it, that’s probably why people believe that it’s unsafe

But this is not the case. A mobile deposit doesn’t even require your credit card to use it. All you need is your phone. Send a text, verify the amount and the total will be added to your monthly bill or taken out of your phone credit. It really is that easy. This is why it’s so widely used and why it’s considered the most accessible way of making a deposit as it requires very little on the part of the player.

Myth #4 — Making A Mobile Deposit Takes Time

never ending clockAgain, we’re not sure where this myth has come from as it’s extremely untrue. How quick does it take to send a text? Whatever your answer is (and we’re guessing it’s “2 seconds”) that’s how long it takes to make a mobile deposit. You don’t even need to wait for the transaction to process or appear in your account or anything. It’s almost instantaneous and that’s what’s so wonderful about it!

Why people would even think it takes a long time is an utter mystery to us. Perhaps it’s because it relies on SMS rather than Wi-Fi? Why then would that make it slower? We’re honestly in the dark on this one. Either way, it’s a myth that needs to be dispelled.

Myth # 5 — Making A Mobile Deposit Is Hard

computer trouble

Finally, and this has to be most laughable myth of them all, some people are under the false idea that making a mobile deposit is somehow harder than using an e-wallet. Considering all of the factors we’ve stated in this article about mobile depositing, this is so far from true that it’s, frankly, hilarious! Since when was sending a text hard? In this day and age, even your grandma knows how to send one.

Making a mobile deposit has to be the easiest method on earth for putting money somewhere. It’s so easy, in fact, some people think it sounds too good to be true. While it does have its flaws, we tend to think that any mobile deposit is incredibly easy and therefore should never be dismissed in such a way.

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