The Pros And Cons Of Mobile Phone Bill Depositing

pros and consMobile phone bill depositing is one of the most widely available banking methods at the casinos, with its popularity growing as mobile casinos become the preferred way for players to enjoy their time at the casinos.

But what makes mobile phone bill depositing so popular, and if you were to start using it, what are the drawbacks of the banking method over all the other payment options you could choose instead. In this quick guide, we’ll break down all the pros and cons that make up mobile phone bill depositing.

Pros Of Using Mobile Phone Billing

Here are the key reasons why mobile casino players choose mobile phone billing as their primary depositing method.

Quick & Convenient

easy and convenientOne of the most mobile friendly aspects of mobile phone billing is how easily it can be done on the go. If you’re out the house and enjoying some time at the casino, you don’t want to have to mess around with long card numbers, a 19 digit Paysafecard voucher code, or struggle to remember what your e-wallet login details are. You want to make your payment as quickly as possible so you can get back to enjoying your games.

Any mobile phone billing service only requires you to remember your mobile phone number in order to make your payment. That’s the only detail you have to keep in mind. There are numerous forms of mobile phone billing and some versions of the service will not even ask for that much, instead asking you to enter a verification code that is sent to you via SMS, meaning that you don’t even have to remember your mobile number.

Payments take less than a minute and you can get it all out of the way without any hassle and be back to enjoying your casino games before you know it.


privacyAny payment you make using any payment service, there’ll usually always be a record of where your cash ended up going to. If you make a payment using a bank card or an e-wallet, your statements for those services are always going to show where your cash ended up going to.

The way mobile phone billing handles your payments means that the end point of your cash never shows up on any bill. Mobile phone billing payments are taken directly from your mobile phone bill, as if you had a made a phone call of the same cost.

Even if you’re a contract payer who receives an itemised bill at the end of the month, any of your casino deposits will show up as if they were simply calls of the same cost.

Mobile depositing is one of the few depositing methods which lets you make payments, whilst not sacrificing your privacy. You get to make payments, enjoy your casino and enjoy the additional security of knowing that your spending is kept private.

Mobile Phone Billing Protects You

securityMobile phone billing may seem like an unsafe payment method on the face
of it. Unlike e-wallets which require you to enter a password and username, mobile phone billing only requires your mobile phone number to commence your payment.

But look into it deeper and you can see that mobile depositing has inbuilt security methods which make it among the safest depositing methods to use. Online accounts like those found in e-wallets can be accessed from any device at any time, as long as you know the login details, which if we’re honest, aren’t the most complex pieces of information to protect your money.

When you deposit using mobile phone billing, you will always have to have your mobile on your person in order to authorise any transaction. Someone can attempt a payment from a different mobile, but any SMS texts to confirm the payment will always be sent to your mobile. As long as you have control over your own phone, no one can ever authorise a transaction on your behalf.

And even better, the mobile payment industry is heavily regulated by regulating bodies like AIME (an industry trade association), Ofcom (independent regulator for UK communications) and PhonepayPlus (group of organisations that regulate phone-paid services).

All mobile phone bill carriers are regulated and held accountable to the law, so there’s always legal recourse if anything were to ever go wrong.

Mobile Depositing Protects Your Bankroll

budgetMobile depositing is the only banking method which comes with depositing limits built into the system. Whilst casinos themselves and other banking options do let you usually set depositing limits, mobile phone billing will never let you deposit over £30 in every transaction, with some mobile phone billing carriers like Boku, restricting you to £30 worth of transactions per day.

If you want someone else keeping an eye on your bankroll, then depositing using mobile phone billing is the perfect way to always make sure there’s a safety net which is looking after your bankroll as well as you.

Cons of Using Mobile Phone Billing

Mobile phone billing is a great depositing method, but as with all things, it’s not perfect. Here are its flaws.

Deposit Limits

boku-deposit-limitWe’ve already praised depositing limits as a pro in the previous section as a
way to protect your bankroll. However, if you’re the kind of player who wants to be a high roller, then mobile depositing is not the banking method for you.

With depositing limits as low as £30 per transaction, it will take a lot of payments to get players into the big money which some casino players like to play with. High rollers should steer clear and find a banking option with looser depositing limits.

A One Way Payment Method

one wayWhile mobile phone billing is a great way to deposit your money, players will be annoyed to find out that that’s sadly all it can do. Because your cash is taken from your phone bill, withdrawals can’t work in the same way, as no one would ever want their hard earned winnings going back into their phone credit, than to their pocket.

Players will have to find an alternative withdrawal method, which could include putting the money back in your bank, sending it to your e-wallet or possibly withdrawing it via cheque. Whatever withdrawal method you choose, players will have to accept that they won’t be able to keep everything mobile only and they will have to seek out an alternative withdrawal method.

Not All Welcome Bonuses Are Made For Mobile Depositors

pocketwin welcome bonusMobile depositors are going to also have to try a little harder when it comes
to finding welcome bonuses and promotions which can reward them as much as other players. Since most casinos use deposit matches as their preferred bonuses, it can be hard for players to get as much from their promotions as other players who use alternative depositing methods.

For instance, if you can only deposit £30 per transaction and someone else can deposit £100, then your deposit match for that one time depositing bonus is going to fall flat compared to what other players are getting from it.

There are welcome bonuses and promotions out there which are perfect for mobile depositors, with casinos offering free spins and bonus cash as long as you make a deposit, or just upon sign up. However, mobile phone bill payers should always be aware of how they can get left with less from their welcome bonuses if they’re not careful.

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