The (Few) Risks Associated With Making Phone Bill Deposits

pay by phone logoA little while ago, we published a post which informed players about the red flags you should look out for when using casinos which offer mobile one bill depositing. However, we figured that the topic of security when it comes to mobile phone bill depositing was so broad and involved that it deserved a whole post dedicated to it.

That’s why we’re here today to talk about some of the risks of mobile depositing and what you as a player can do to protect yourself against them. That said, we’d stress that using SMS payments is one of the safest ways you can make deposits at a mobile casino, as with everything when using the internet, it pays to know what you’re getting yourself into.

Lack Of License

Casino LicensesOne of the most important things to look for before you make a deposit with your phone bill at a mobile casino (or even signing up, if we’re honest about it) is that the site you’re playing at has a license that’s valid in the country you’re playing. For casinos to operate legally in the UK, they must hold a license from the UK Gambling Commission – it used to be that you could run an online casino in the UK while licensed elsewhere, but that’s now changed.

These licenses mean that they are regulated by the UK government and subject to the stringent checks that come along with this. This means that the games are fair, the service is honest, and the depositing options all work like they should.

Poor SSL Encryption

You want to keep your money and personal information safe when you’re gambling online, which is why it’s vitally important that the SSL encryption offered by the casino you’re playing at. Also, it should be decent enough to ensure that all the data you share with a casino is protected. Any protected casino should display which encryption they use at the bottom of their homepage.

It’s worth pointing out that although poor encryption can prove to be quite an issue for phone bill depositors, it’s far less of a problem than if you’d deposited with any number of other options. If you bank or credit card details got into the wrong hands, you would have some real trouble on your hands. :Luckily, with SMS payments, you don’t have to share that kind of information to make a deposit.

Slow/No Withdrawals

withdraw money atmOne of the most annoying things for players about mobile phone bill deposits is that although they’re one of the best depositing methods for mobile casinos, they are not, in themselves, a withdrawal option. This means that those using SMS deposits rely on methods like cheques and bank transfers to withdraw their cash. This throws up two issues.

Firstly, to receive a cheque or bank transfer, you need to share personal and banking information, opening yourself up to risks from unscrupulous casinos (see all the issues above). Moreover, it can be hard to tell if a casino has made a payment via these methods, with delays on transfers and cheques ‘getting lost in the mail,’ it’s with the withdrawals that there’s real space for trouble.

How To Protect Yourself

So, how can you stay safe in the face of these concerns? Well, your best bet is to play only at licensed, regulated and tried and trusted casinos to begin with. Do your research, find out if the casino you’re thinking of depositing at has a license and if it’s encrypted.

Maybe most importantly, find out what other players have to say about things like the service and withdrawals. There’s no need to rush into making mobile phone bill deposits, so take your time, and find mobile phone bill deposit casinos which are safe to play at.

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