Three Ways To Tell If Your Mobile Casino Uses Pay By Phone Billing

Mobile PaymentWhen it comes to pay by phone billing, sometimes it’s not always obvious that a mobile casino provides it. It’s not difficult to determine, but at the same time it can get exhausting playing detective all the time trying to see if you can use Boku or not.

It’s a good thing to practise anyway, seeing as pay by phone billing is an almost essential part of mobile casino depositing nowadays. We here at Paybyphone have narrowed it down to three easy ways in which you can tell if your mobile casino does do pay by phone billing.

Some these methods may neither confirm nor deny the fact that they are pay by phone casinos. Some of your research may lead you to a conclusion by inferring a few things. But by following this quick guide, it can makes things a lot easier.

Check The Banking Page

The biggest (and most logical) indication that your mobile casino does pay by phone billing is by checking their banking page. Only by looking at all of the banking options they have available can you determine with certainty whether they do pay by phone billing.

The symbols to look out for are either Boku, Trustly, Paysafecard and Zimpler, all of which provide the service. It may not be immediately apparent so you might have to scroll through all the other options, like PayPal, Neteller, VISA and Mastercard, to see if its’ there.

Often, it’s simply a matter of scrolling all the way to the bottom of the casino’s homepage. There you can normally find the payment methods they have to offer as well as all the licensed gaming software they use and the approval seal by the UK Gambling Commission.

Not all casinos do this, however, so heading over to their banking page is your best bet for total confirmation. If you can’t find the banking page, it’s usually along the top somewhere. If not, most mobile casinos have a search bar you can use.

Look At The Website Layout

pocketwin casino table gamesOkay, now we’re going into the realm of speculation. One of the ways you can infer if your mobile casino does pay by phone billing is by looking at the website’s layout. The layout always tells the tale on whether that casino values mobility over aesthetics. And the best way to see this is by comparing how the website looks on different devices, if the site already doesn’t have an app.

If the website looks better (i.e.: less cramped) on the desktop screen than it does on a mobile screen, then you can probably assume that the casino does not do mobile deposits. If, on the other hand, the site looks good on both, then the opposite is likely to be true,

Of course, this isn’t always the case. But given that pay by phone billing by its very nature is meant for a mobile audience, the fact that the case have failed to make their website mobile-compatible tells you all you need to know. They should be, though, as it’s considered industry standard that every mobile casino has a mobile version of their desktop website. In fact, many mobile casinos should have a “mobile-first” philosophy, meaning that all their website development is geared towards mobile casino players.

Some casinos even go as far as developing their own app for the entire purpose of satisfying mobile players. This more than likely means that they do pay by phone billing too. Why wouldn’t they? It’ll only compliment their effort to appease the market. So you can be sure that they do some form of pay by phone billing.

Check The Performance

bufferingWhile you’re checking the layout, also be sure to check the site’s performance on mobile too. If the experience is sloppy and frustrating then you can be sure that the casino doesn’t value mobile players as much as it should. Therefore, it more than likely does not pay by phone billing. If, on the other hand, the site loads in next to no time, even on 4G, it probably does because… you get the idea.

Admittedly, these last two methods aren’t a hundred percent confirmation sort of check. You have to seriously go to the banking page of any mobile casino in order to be certain that it does pay by phone billing. If it does not have it there, then move on to somewhere that does.

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