Boku VS PayPal — Which Should You Be Using?

Boku VS PayPalAt this site, we love mobile payment solutions. For online gamblers they offer speed and simpicity, and the ability to manage your whole casino account from the same device. It’s understandable that, since the mobile gaming market started to grow, the number of mobile depositing methods has grown too.

Way back in 2009, Boku launched in the UK. The service allowed players to deposit via their mobile phone networks and pay at a later date using their phone bill. It quickly became a cult favourite payment method for many mobile casino users. More recently, the online money transfer behemoth PayPal started being adopted by more and more casinos, offering players a way to deposit enshrined in security and reliability.

Both have their own unique advantages and disadvantages, so today we’re pitting the two methods against each other to see which you should be using.

1. Simplicity

Mobile PaymentHow easy a payment method is to use is very important when deciding if it’s the method for you. No one wants to be waiting around for a payment to process, nor do they want to be faffing around with multiple logins or a long-winded affair.

Boku has always been an easy service to use, and it’s one of the method’s biggest appeals. To make a payment you simply have to enter your phone number, await a confirmation text and then reply with a ‘Y’ – free of charge of course. However, recently Boku have made made things even simplier for their users, by adding a 1 Tap system. This means that if you’ve used the service before, you can save your details, so that you don’t need to input them each and every time you deposit.

PayPal also offers a 1 Tap system and a mobile app. This allows you to manage your PayPal account straight from your handset, including adding bank accounts, debit cards and more. This means that this first round is a tough call, but overall we think Boku is the winner. This is because with PayPal, you first need to register and validate your account. Usually, this is a straight-forward process but sometimes it can take longer due to the service’s rigorous security checks.

2. Security

PadlockThe second round of this showdown is security. Using a secure payment method is very important when you make any online transaction, because of the risks of internet fraud and identity theft.

As mentioned above, to make a Boku payment all you need to do is supply your phone number. This is the only personal information you’ll ever need to share to use the service, so there’s no need to worry about your bank details being intercepted. Futhermore, every purchase needs to be validated via SMS. This means that only you can confirm a payment, and it gives you a chance to cancel any accidental transactions.

On the other hand, to use PayPal you need to link your account to a bank account or debit card. This means that the first time you use the service, you will have to share sensiteve information. However, PayPal is second to none in terms of security, as the company have heavily invested in sophisicated fraud prevention technology to make sure their customers feel comfortable and safe.

As both services operate in the UK, both services are also protected by several regulatory bodies ,such as OfCom. These make sure that both services are adhering to industry laws, and they also give players a way of disputing any problems that may arise. Overall, we think this round has to be a tie. Both payment methods are very secure, and players should feel at ease using either one of them.

3. Availability

Nektan LogoKnowing that a payment method is great is all well and good, until you can’t find somewhere to use it. In the final round of our contest, we consider how widely available each method is, and what they mean for your casino experience.

Boku first launched over seven years ago and it quickly became a popular method for mobile gamers. It has been adopted by many casinos, including all Nektan and ProgressPlay sites. In addition, some of the biggest UK casino brands allow for Boku transactions, including Casumo, mFortune and Spin Genie.

However, there are two big disadvantages to using Boku for casino deposits. The first is the fact that the service imposes a strict £30 per day depositing limit. This is because players don’t actually pay until their end of month phone bill comes through, so it prevents people from racking up huge debts. Whilst the limit is understandable, it can be annoying for high-rollers.

The other disadvantage of Boku is that you cannot withdraw via the method. This also makes sense, as any withdrawal would go back to your phone bill account, but it does mean that you will have to register with a different payment service to cash out.

PayPal At CasinosPayPal was established in 1998, although it wasn’t available for public use until 2002. For a payment service that has been around for 15 years then, it’s still relatively new as a casino depositing option. Many casinos offer the service and the benefit is that you can also withdraw via PayPal. This gives this service an edge over Boku, and in addition, PayPal offers much higher depositing limits.

We think we have to give this round to PayPal, because they offer withdrawals. However, we understand that Boku withdrawals would be pointless, and that most casinos do offer another method for Boku users to withdraw.


Approved StampThis may sound like a cop-out, but we think the two methods are very equal! It all depends on what you want out of your payment service. Both offer secure and easy to use banking solutions, and both are available at a wide array of online casinos.

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